Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Month of May

We started some water / bucket/ outside playtime this month and you are the world's biggest fan. Finally your skin is not so sensitive to grass and we can live an outside live again.

Evening time with your diaper and shoes on. This is now the only way you like to spend your evenings.

The only sad part is that Benny would love love love to be outside and play with you. He sits and whimpers as you come over and give him kisses through the screen.

Annabelle, our 15 month old princess. We love having this wonderful house with the pretty backyard that you love to spend time in. We love how meticulous you are with your water toys and your water play time. We can both see so much of ourselves in you. You still always like to clean up after yourself and have yet to be upset when we ask you to put away your toys. You are not a huge fan of having to go inside after such a lovely evening outside playing. I've noticed though how sweetly you spend extra time with Benny on certain nights like this. You are the most considerate person in this household and we are so blessed to have you.

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